7399 Longleaf Pine Parkway, Saint Johns, FL 32259, US


Dear Parents, Students, and Guardians,

 As a result of measures taken to combat the corona virus, we are working to ensure that quality instruction continues for everyone. 

Please take the time to read through the following information carefully and feel free to email with any questions or concerns…. 

Communication is key!

if you email one of us during the week (Monday through Friday) please allow 1-2 hours response time. If you email one of us during the weekend, you can expect a follow up email on Monday morning.

We will be sending out mass email communication through the Home-Access-Center to keep you up to date on any new/important information. 

Email Address


If your cadet is under Lt Col LeFevre


If your cadet is under MSgt Miles


Google Voice Calling

This number should be used for time-sensitive questions (Monday-Friday from 8:30am to 4pm)

Please note that we will be turning Google Voice calling on “do not disturb” when on a Video Conference, and during nights and weekends. If you need to reach us after our “office hours”, please send an email. 

If your questions are NOT time-sensitive, please use Email as our preferred method of contact. 

Please save the number [for the instructor your cadet falls under] in your cell phone, and in your student’s cell phone. Any student that falls behind pacing, or score falls below an overall 70% can expect a phone call from one of us. 

Lt Col LeFevre (904) 325-6575

MSgt Miles (904) 438-8596


Please take a moment this week to make sure your cadet can log onto my Schoology page. 

Their username/password are the same ones they use to log into computers at school. Feel free to email us if they run into a problem.


Two digital textbooks are loaded onto schoology for this course:

  • The “Milestones in Aviation History” Textbook is loaded in the AS-1 Textbook Folder. This textbook will be used every Monday to complete the Aerospace Science Lesson and Note Taker. The Note Taker will need to be submitted via schoology for a 100-point formative grade. All note takers can be found in the Note Taker Folder.

  • The Leadership Education 100 “Traditions, Wellness, and Foundations of Citizenship” Textbook is loaded in the LE-1 Textbook Folder. This textbook will be used every Friday to complete the Leadership Lesson



 Starting Monday, March 30th, an Aviation History lesson will be loaded that your cadet will need to review and then complete the corresponding Note Taker that will need to be submitted for a 100 point formative grade. 


 We will load a “Physical Training” assignment prepared by our Cadet Deputy Group Commander for Physical Training. These are circuit training workouts incorporating running and body weight strength exercises. These exercises can be done at home in the driveway and cadets can run in your neighborhood. These workouts will be honor/integrity based and will be a 100-point formative grade. Cadets just need to let us know that they have completed their workout. 


 We will pose a question that your cadet will need to research and submit their response to. 


 We will upload a drill quiz. Freshman and Sophomores will be tested on a 30-count sequence. Juniors and Seniors will be tested on a 42-count sequence. Cadets can find a study guide for their sequence in the Drill Folder in Schoology.


 Will be a virtual class on leadership taught by MSgt Miles. He will utilize the Leadership Textbook in the LE-1 Textbook Folder. 

At the conclusion of each unit of study in Aviation History and Leadership we will load a test into schoology that your cadet will need to take. Note takers may be used on this test. This will be a 100-point Summative grade.

We will continue this schedule until cadets return to school. 

Seniors and Non-Returning Cadets will need to turn in their uniforms to the AFJROTC program. we will follow-up with how we want your cadet to turn them in. 

If your cadet is graduating or not returning, please have them gather their uniforms in preparation for turn-in. We will provide instructions on how we want this done soon.